Our mission is to provide world-class Risk Management Solutions for our clients, endeavouring to preserve life and assets in an ever changing and challenging world.
About Us

GCE Consultants is a Specialist Security and Operational Risk Mitigation Company with a world-wide reach. The company has quickly become a leading, independent provider of Risk Mitigation and Security Management services internationally.

Operating from our offices in Cape Town, South Africa and having multiple associate offices nationally and internationally we have developed a client-base which fully leverages our significant global experience.

GCE Consultants provides a comprehensive range of risk management solutions and services to private and listed companies, public authorities, public figures and private individuals worldwide. Our patrons include members of the TV and film, journalism and oil & gas industries, governments, high net-worth individuals, aid organizations, banking groups, telecommunications and corporate entities.

With over fifty years of shared experience in commercial and military risk management, GCE Consultants now draw upon the extensive operational expertise and technological skills of a wide range of trusted operatives. Each operative is selected for their experience, and the currency of their specialist skills. Only the highest standards of specialist expertise are selected - providing unrivalled expertise and sophisticated deployment techniques.

All services are provided with absolute discretion.

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