Our mission is to provide world-class Risk Management Solutions for our clients, endeavouring to preserve life and assets in an ever changing and challenging world.

Our preferred partner for specialized training and equipment is CAGPRO. These services are provided globally with far reaching capabilities making us a valuable single source solution provider to our clients.

CAGPRO and GCE Consultants together form a portfolio of companies that strive to preserve life and assets globally. We are proud of our international focus and mindset, which fosters adaptability and cultural sensitivity when working in any country or region around the world.

The senior members of the CAGPRO team have extensive experience in providing specialised training and equipment procurement. This has sometimes been undertaken in hostile environments under very difficult conditions.

The CAGPRO Team have a stable of very experienced Instructors, all of whom are professional and dedicated experts in their specialism. All of the Instructors have real-world experience and believe in teaching what works to increase your safety and effectiveness both on the streets in everyday life or in the line of duty, whatever that may be.

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