Our mission is to provide world-class Risk Management Solutions for our clients, endeavouring to preserve life and assets in an ever changing and challenging world.
Cathy Eloff: General Manager

Cathy is a former senior South African Army Intelligence Officer and instructor. She has managed projects globally, ranging from corporate business events to transport facilitation and Journey Management Planning for government delegations, high net-worth corporates, media personnel and private persons. She has also co-ordinated and managed security driver teams, operational control centres, equipment procurement, logistical support and also managed technical CCTV installation teams.

Cathy has a wealth of military experience now utilized in the commercial environment.

Garth Eloff: Operations Manager

Garth is a former South African Army Special Forces Operator with over twenty years experience in the industry. He has travelled extensively in many countries globally providing various risk-related services. These services have included managing High Threat Close Protection Details, Risk Assessments, equipment procurement and project management as well as evolving various training models for private companies, NGOs and Governments. Many of these services have been carried out in hostile environments.

Clients varied from former Presidents, politicians, Fortune 500 CEOs, Oil & Gas companies, television networks, mobile phone networks and high net-worth individuals.