Our mission is to provide world-class Risk Management Solutions for our clients, endeavouring to preserve life and assets in an ever changing and challenging world.
Recent Experience

GCE Consultants all have extensive operational experience in many countries across the globe that includes hostile environments. We do not publish details of any of our operations, but the list of continents and countries below gives an indication of the world-wide nature of our business experience:

South Africa, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Ghana, South Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Morocco, United Kingdom of Great Britain, Republic of Ireland, Austria, Spain, Iraq, Kurdistan, Kingdom of Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain.

GCE Consultants specialise in assessing risk and providing an extensive range of pre-emptive and responsive security measures for our clients to help mitigate their risks.

These services enable our clients to reach their desired goals and objectives without having to deal with security/risk issues themselves. Our core focus is on:

  • Identifying the threats and risk
  • Evaluating the impact of the threat
  • Successfully deploying appropriate mitigation plans

This allows us to offer comprehensive advice to our clients on all aspects of security and risk.